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Angelic Timeline Clearing

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Welcome to this Angelic Timeline Clearing Meditation. Within this meditation you will be guided to relax the physical body, connect with divine protection of The Angels, connect with your guide, and clear a timeline event from your present or past lifetime. Who are The Angels? The Angels are divine extensions of source consciousness (which we are all connected to and with in unity). They hold the highest octave of love within their essence and their presence can support you vibrationally on your Earth Path. What is a Timeline? A timeline is a chosen path in life based on the energies you are holding in your physical body. Based on the energies you hold you respond to reality in a given way and it mirrors back to you experiences that 'reflect' y o u. Within this reality it serves as a feedback system so that we may learn, grow, and love at a more expanded capacity (if we wish it to be so). Why a Timeline Clearing? At times we may still be attached to lower frequencies (even if we have raised our vibration) and lower timelines can affect our current path in life. The good news is that as we become more conscious and aware we can CHOOSE to align to the highest timeline and lovingly release lower timelines. Just by being here now your Higher Self is helping you to choose your highest timeline.

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