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Introduction to Angels | Who are the Angels?

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

What is an angel? What is their purpose?

Angels are beings of light. Within their essence, they hold the highest timeline, the highest resolution, and the highest resonance for all they encounter. These beings are the closest fractals to Source Creator and therefore live fully realized in resonance. This is the gift their presence can offer us, by existing as beings of service in resonance, they assist providing vibrational change to our human obstacles, worries, or concerns. The aid comes activating and reminding us that we also have the ability to create vibrational change through our lives by deeply knowing and remembering we are never separate from the essence and divine love of creator. There is no situation, problem, worry, or concern that the Angels cannot bring into harmony. Their purpose is to bring all beings, realities, and manifestations into alignment with Source. Overall, Angels are one way we can understand the essence of creator and reconnect with aspects of ourselves held within higher dimensions beyond 3D reality.

Connecting with Angels

If you wish to connect with the Angels all you need to do is ask. Angels respect free-will and will not intervene unless you ask. The only exception to this is in near-death circumstances-- Angels will help if your soul still has things to do within this lifetime.

Here are some common ways to connect with the Angels and to ask for help:

1. Asking the Angels to send you an Angel Sign

Angels Signs are a way the Angels can let you know they are near. The most common Angel sign is finding a white feather. A white feather signifies your Guardian Angel is with you. Other signs include: Rainbows, Pennies, and Repeating numbers (111, 222, 333, etc.). These signs are not set in stone. Anything can be an Angel sign. Often, you will just 'know' that it is a sign meant for you. If you feel skeptical yet curious about Angels telling them that you need a concrete sign will allow them to send you one.

2. Prayer

Verbally expressing your needs to the Angels and requesting their guidance, support, and help is one of my favorite ways to connect. Especially, if you feel like you are not able to sense their presence you can trust that on a vibrational level your words will reach them. It can also provide deep relief to states of stress and worry! Just knowing and trusting that the Angels are supporting you will take the strain of worry off of you.

3. Meditation

By beginning a meditation practice you will learn to focus the mind. When the mind is in a focused state Source can begin sending you symbols, guides, words, and direct guidance that can be received by you. I recommend listening to guided meditations by Adyashanti to begin. This will help develop a very focused zen meditation practice. Next, you can evolve your meditation practice by asking your Guardian Angel to show themselves to you. By visualizing your Guardian Angel you will soon be able to visualize all kinds of guides that will align you on your path forward.

4. Being in Nature

Angels love nature and by connecting with the rhythm of Earth you may find it easier to connect with their divine essence. Gaia can also assist this process by bringing the body into a more relaxed and peaceful state through the nervous system. Connect your feet to the Earth visualizing an Emerald Green light reaching up through you. Feel the presence and hum of the elements. Breathe deeply and give thanks to the natural forces. Allow the Angels to reveal themselves to you.


Working with Angels and Divine Forces is an exercise in trust. Trust that the Divine will reveal its-self in the perfect way for you. There are many supreme ways to experience the Divine, but know some of these states take time to integrate with what makes you feel safe in your human body. The Angels work with you exactly as you are and will open your experience to them as you are ready to perceive deeper and deeper states of their beautiful presence.

When I first began working with the Angels I was mostly connecting through prayer. Overtime, I was led to connect with teachers who could assist my needs in establishing a deepened connection. See the prayer I love to use below.

My Favorite Angel Prayer

Dear Angels,

I am struggling with the circumstances of my life right now. I am not sure how to move forward and I am feeling stuck. Please help me. Show me what direction to go in. I don't know what to do, but I know with your guidance I can move forward with ease. Please bring peace that I can feel to my body. Thank you. I love you.

May Angelic Light guide your path forward.

Angel Blessings to you.

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