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Powerful and Effective Energy Protection and Shielding Techniques

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

90% of energetic clearing, shielding, and protection comes down to one very simple concept:

Being your own fierce inner guardian, protector, and healer.

What does this look like in your day-to-day life? This will vary from person to person and will require you to look deep within yourself to identify your needs and determine if you are meeting them. Here are some helpful tips and daily practices that can assist you in this process:

Start Journaling

Begin to write down how you are feeling, truly expressing yourself without worrying or editing your thoughts. If you struggle with journaling, simply start by writing, “Today I feel…” and allow yourself to write ANYTHING that comes to your mind. Soon, you will begin to see your true feelings in relation to other people, how you are giving your power away, and even how you can better express your authentic thoughts and feelings. This is called self-acknowledgment, and it is the idea that what you feel or experience is just as important as what anyone else feels. Too often, we put ourselves last and never make the time to give ourselves the space to process, feel, and experience what we are going through. Journaling is the perfect outlet for returning to center and tuning in to your own personhood beyond external relationships.

Set Healthy Boundaries

After spending some time journaling and learning more deeply what you need support with, begin to communicate with other people about how they are affecting you or making you feel. Maybe you feel like you need more alone time, a moment for silent reflection, or for loved ones to listen to you without interrupting you while speaking. Verbally let them know you have a need and that you are now expecting them to honor that need. If the other people in your life are not receptive to this change immediately, give it time. Continue to love, honor, and respect yourself and hold others accountable for how they are treating you. I will remind you that this doesn’t have to look like a big change initially. At first, begin setting boundaries in small, easily manageable ways. When I began doing this for myself, it was as simple as asking my loved ones to give me one hour after coming home from work to exercise and do deep breathing, as I explained this would help me feel more connected and present. Over time, setting clear and healthy boundaries will become easier.

Daily Energy Clearing and Visualization

Begin your day by clearing your energy. This process is achieved through the power of your intention. What you intend is what you create. When we intend to clear our energy, we become the space that allows this to occur. There are a number of ways to meditate and visually see energy being cleared. I will share with you one of my favorite processes. Start by sitting in meditation, take deep breaths, and allow the mind to slow down. In your mind's eye, see golden light all around you, feel how this is relaxing and releasing each area of your body, by seeing the golden light come down through the top of your head and reach down through the bottoms of your feet. In addition to this, you can call Angels and Guides that have your highest good in mind to come forward and clear your energy for you. If you find you are having a hard time with Daily Energy Clearing, book a QHM session with me. QHM Sessions are a great way to learn energetic protection and shielding (and so much more).

Daily Energy Shielding

After clearing your energy, you will need to shield your energy. This will keep you safe, supported, and protected as you move throughout your day in various places, spaces, and when interacting with other people. One of my favorite ways to shield my energy is by seeing a bubble of light come around my body. Imagine this bubble of light in any color that you wish. You can even intend for your bubble of light to have crystals embedded within it, such as protective stones, like Black Obsidian or Orgonite. For additional protection, you can ask to have an Animal Guardian to support you. Allow yourself to see in your mind's eye which animal spirit will best serve your highest good. As an example, black bear or panther spirit are great defenders and protectors. If you wish to find more support with animal spirit connection, QHM sessions with me can also help you form a deeper connection.

All in all, daily energy clearing, shielding, and protection is a unique and ever-unfolding process. Please allow the words from this post to support you as you begin learning what will best serve you. Know that you will develop your own system for clearing and protecting your energy that will work for YOU on a personal and individual level.

Please see the following YouTube videos for more information:

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