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Greetings and welcome to Angelic Harmony Healing, a sanctuary for rediscovering light. I work with many holistic healing modalities and pull from them all to best serve the uniqueness of each client. The basis of each session is QHM, a healing modality that creates change by clearing trauma, connecting you with higher guidance, releasing trapped emotions, and realigning you on many levels. In addition to this amazing healing modality, I am an Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Intuitive Guide.


In this session create quantum change. QHM is a modality for healing, transformation, and deep release of all that is no longer serving you. 



Deeply restorative, renewing, and revitalizing this session is a complete clearing. I work with a physical emphasis by sending light through the joints, ligaments, muscles, and through each meridian line for a through session that will create more space in the body and break up patterns of restriction. 


BQH is a heart-centered modality in which you are guided into a relaxing, light state of trance. In the trance state you are connected with your superconscious, higher self where you recieve wisdom, guidance, empowerment, through experiencing past lives.

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Hi there!

I am Amanda Walley, Angelic Healer, Certified QHM Practitioner, and Leader of Light on this Earth at this time. Through my personal journey I have known the pain of disempowerment and the cycles of depression, despair, and darkness I once navigated my reality through. I feel grateful to share, what I realize now, is that I was never alone. Light was always guiding me through. If you find yourself here I am the kind of healer that will listen to your story, give you gentle encouragement, and teach you how to activate your own inner guardian and fierce protector. Within you there is a strength yet to be uncovered. This work will empower you and lead you back to light and strength that has always been here in support of you. 


Amanda Walley is a Holy Fire® Reiki Master, Quantum Healing Methods & BQH Practitioner, and 200hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Teaching Special Education.

Amanda helps lead people back to inner strength and light by releasing old emotions and thought patterns.

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"Coming into a session with a very deep intention Amanda made the whole session feel so light & compassionate. I felt so held and her deepening techniques led me into a beautiful state of relaxation with so much guided visualization to journey even deeper."

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